Select bunnies from pedigreed Netherland Dwarf Rabbits. Unique colors from recessive-gened bucks and does. We aim to produce show rabbits for 4H and ARBA, and brood stock. Pet-quality rabbits also available.

Our bunnies live in sturdy, large hutches. We roll them outside for the nice weather, and back to the safety of the warm horse barn or garagewhen needed. We also take them out frequently to hop in an exercise pen on the grass, or snuggle on the couch for a good Harry Potter movie.

Current Bucks:

"Mischief Managed TF"   -  October 2015, Orange Buck

(Rosie's Tiger x Rosie's Darla). Two BOV wins in show.

Current Does:

"Autumn's Jasmine" - June 2015, Lynx Doe

(Rosie's Dominic x Blueberry's Tayla)

"Hermione TF" - March 2017, Orange Doe

(Rosie's Denny x Rosie's Trinity)


4.18.18 - Mischief Managed x Autumn'sJasmine - 1 kit, color and sex TBD. Available June 18, 2018. Check back soon for photos as he/she develops!



3.2.17 - Hershey x Jasmine - Fawn Doe

5.2.17 Hershey x Jasmine - Fawn Doe

5.2.17 Hershey x Jasmine - Broken Chocolate Doe

"Hershey TF"  -  April 2016, Broken Chocolate Buck(Reams Orphan x Ream's Points)