Select bunnies from pedigreed Netherland Dwarf Rabbits. Unique colors from recessive-gened bucks and does, focus on ORANGE. We aim to produce show rabbits for 4H and ARBA, and brood stock. Pet-quality rabbits also available.

Our bunnies live in sturdy, large hutches or stacked cages. We roll them outside for the nice weather, and back to the horse barn or garage when needed. We also take them out frequently to hop in an exercise pen on the grass, or snuggle on the couch for a good Harry Potter movie.


Two kits available, ready to go at the end of April.

Sired by Clarence and out of Lumos 

Expected to be competitive at ARBA shows, 4-H

$100 each



Chestnut buck with numerous GCs!

RGC Dwarf Villa's Clarence
Wins: 4 legs
Sex: Buck
Color: Chestnut
DOB: 1-1-17
Sire: Outland's Chestbutt
Dam: Dwarf Villa's Nodda


"Lumos TF" - June 2018, Orange Doe

(Mischief Managed x Hermione TF)


5.31.18 - "Sybill Trelawney" 

Sold to PAIGE N.

Color: Rufus orange
Size: True dwarf 
Available: July 12th
Father: "Mischief Managed" - Orange 
Mother: "Jasmine" - Lynx

Brown eyes, brown whiskers, white belly, grey/brown undercoat. Ears 1.5" at 5 weeks.

"Sybill Trelawney" is healthy, active, and used to being held by adults and children. Just dewormed and receives weekly probiotics to support a healthy GI tract.

She comes with a 4-gen pedigree, some hay, and transition grain.
We just started work with some posing... as you can see she is still learning what is expected!

$75, located 30 min west of Fort Wayne, IN 46725

7.5.18 - "Nox"

Color/Sex: Orange buck
Size: True dwarf
Available: August 16th
Father: "Mischief Managed" - Orange 
Mother: "Hermione" - Orange

Full sibling to Ginny Weasley, below

$100, located 30 min west of Fort Wayne, IN 46725

"Mischief Managed "   -  October 2015, Orange Buck

(Rosie's Tiger x Rosie's Darla). Two BOV wins in show.

4.18.18 - "Ron Weasley"

Mischief Managed x Autumn's Jasmine - orange male. Available May 30, 2018. 

3.2.17 - Hershey x Jasmine - Fawn Doe

5.2.17 Hershey x Jasmine - Fawn Doe

5.2.17 Hershey x Jasmine - Broken Chocolate Doe

"Hershey TF"  -  April 2016, Broken Chocolate Buck(Reams Orphan x Ream's Points)


"Autumn's Jasmine" - June 2015, Lynx Doe

(Rosie's Dominic x Blueberry's Tayla)

"Hermione TF" - March 2017, Orange Doe

(Rosie's Denny x Rosie's Trinity)