Select bunnies from pedigreed Netherland Dwarf Rabbits. Focus on ORANGE - Also chestnut, chocolate tan, cinnamon, andblack. We aim to produce show rabbits for 4H and ARBA, and brood stock. Pet-quality rabbits also available. See sub -pages for rabbits for sale.

Our bunnies live in sturdy, large hutches or stacked cages. We roll them outside for the nice weather, and back to the horse barn or garage when needed. We also take them out frequently to hop in an exercise pen on the grass, or snuggle on the couch for a good Harry Potter movie.

Our stock originated from Dwarf Villa (WA), Rosie's Rabbitry (MI), and Autumn Ridge (IN) - Now we are crossing these lines with the aim of producing excellent standards in our rabbits, right here in North-Central Indiana!

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*Due to the current economic situation, all of our bunnies are discounted for the 2020 season! *



Chestnut buck with numerous wins!

RGC Dwarf Villa's Clarence
Wins: 2017 Grand Champion at Bloomington Nationals, many BOV and BOG wins
Sex: Buck
Color: Chestnut
DOB: 1-1-17
Sire: Outland's Chestbutt
Dam: Dwarf Villa's Nodda



A pairing from the best lines of Rosie's Acres Rabbitry in Michigan! These lines are well know for their orange color and many generations of Grand Champions.

Sex: Doe, brood doe
Color: Orange
DOB: June, 2018
Sire: Mischief Managed
Dam: Hermione TF


Keeper is an ideal representation of the Netherland dwarf breed. She is a 2019 doe from Fleur and by Clarence. 1" ears at 6.5 weeks, round head, large chest, full body. No pinching in the legs. A lovely tort color and incredibly calm like her papa. We are possibly "keeping" this one for now to see if she will be a good brood doe for our program. If this happens, Fleur, her mother, will be available for sale!

Sex: Doe
Color: Tan - Chocolate
DOB: August, 2019
Sire: Dwarf Villa's Clarence (chestnut)
Dam: Dwarf Villa's Fleur (chocolate tan)



A fine Dwarf Villa doe arrived from Washington state to join our rabbitry in spring 2019. We expect great things with this pairing to Clarence! Huge thanks to Bethany Groskopf. Fleur was a beautiful junior and has developed into a nice large senior. She is producing large litters, 5-6 each time with no peanuts or DOAs. What a terrific BUD brood doe.

Sex: Doe, brood doe
Color: Tan - Chocolate
DOB: January, 2019
Sire: Dwarf Villa's Lucky (orange)
Dam: Rogue's Putt Putt (chestnut)


"Autumn's Jasmine" - June 2015, Lynx Doe

(Rosie's Dominic x Blueberry's Tayla)

"Hermione TF" - RIP March 2019, Orange Doe

(Rosie's Denny x Rosie's Trinity)

"Autumn Ridge's Jasmine" - RIP September 2019, Lynx doe