* All of our sales horses come with full registration papers and lifetime USEF and USDF numbers    
* Payment plans/terms often available to the right home      
* Credit Cards Accepted via PayPal
* Proof of existing insurance available on all horses
* See end of page for information on our Foal Raising Program - Boarding, care, and training to 3 years old*

Sorry, we do not have any horses for sale at this time. I am happy to recommend other farms which also raise foals of good mind and soundness. See below for our expected 2019 foals, all available to reserve in utero!


1) Sire: ES Toronto (Now or Never M/Belisar/Solaris)

    Dam: Lucynda *P* (Onassis/Condus/Consul)

    Dressage or Event prospect. Registered American Hanoverian

    Available to reserve in-utero!

2) Sire: Rascalino (Rotspon/Velvet)

    Dam: Hope of Tantris (Tantris/Abdullah/Amiego)

    Registered American Hanoverian  - option for GOV if preferred

    Available to reserve in-utero!

3) Sire: Supremat OLD (Sandro Hit/ Rubinstein)

    Dam: Red Robin (ES Rienzi - Ramiro Z/Donnerhall/Feiner Stern)

    Registered American Hanoverian or German Oldenburg Verband (OHBS)

    Available to reserve in utero! Full sibling to Skylark TF - See Sold page


We offer an inclusive program to raise your riding horse from weaning until riding age. The program includes all care, housing, feeding, general medical care, and basic handling training. We  request that each horse be covered under a major medical, surgical, and mortality insurance plan (We recommend Jarvis or Markel).

Pasture boarding with dedicated 12x12 stall

  • Stalled for meals twice daily in an open, European-style stall with dutch door to paddock
  • Stalled for inclement weather
  • Pastures and dry lot are fenced with 3 board wood fencing
  • Pastured with a closed herd (other than new foals born each year)
  • Pastures are rotated regularly and manure picked three times a week to minimize parasite load
  • Stalls and paddock cleaned twice daily

Free Choice hay 24/7 and Purina Feed Grains, Uckele supplements

  • Most hay is grown from our own fields and analyzed annually
  • 25% alfalfa, 75% mixed grasses
  • Numerous slow feed NibbleNets® and trough-style slow feeders are topped off twice daily so they always have hay to graze on, even in summer months.
  • Purina feeds to maintain weight as needed (we prefer Ultium Growth for foals, but happy to feed your choice)
  • Electrolytes fed as needed
  • Uckele multivitamin added year round, and Vitamin E in winter months
  • We aim for a BCS of 4-5 with growing horses

Handling training three times a week

  • Basic tying, grooming, leading. Often a walk on and off the trailer or bathing/clipping

 Farrier trims and basic healthcare (included in base cost)

  • Trim every 6 weeks by our farrier
  • Vaccines twice a year by farm (inquire for vax schedule in our area)
  • De-worming as needed. We do fecal testing, but always treat for tapes twice a year regardless

Updates for the owner

  • Photos and short videos of your foal provided at least monthly
  • Follow our Facebook page and we can tag you in many more!
  • For longer video requests, please let us know and we will accommodate as time permits
  • Come visit whenever you like!


2017 Monthly fees for this all-inclusive program:

$200/month - Weanling to First birthday

$250/month - Yearling and up

$300/month - Broodmares in foal

*Adding shoes, chiropractic, massage, or emergency veterinary care is the responsibility of the owner

Pedigree images on this site are courtesy of www.Sporthorse-Data.com